Progress of IHH Aleppo relief convoy from Turkey and presence of IHH officials in Syria ahead of the convoy. AJA’s Zeina Khodr was positioned in Hatay, the convoy’s destination, yesterday.



Some pictures:

Allepine refugee (assumed) still in Aleppo, posted 5.15pmGMT yesterday

Contrast with:

Participants in convoy bedded down in Konya before setting off again Friday, posted 10.27pmGMT yesterday

Konya: 37.860536, 32.498922 – they’re not hanging around.

Large gathering of convoy participants gathered on Konya yesterday, posted 7.21pmGMT

IHH staff welcoming a green bus – location unknown, posted 4.46pmGMT

IHH are also present, possibly, IN Aleppo (posted 3.08pmGMT yesterday – location subject to verification – [updated] Al-Rashidin, so in rebel territory, but just over demarcation line, Aleppo outskirts):

It is interesting that AJA’s correspondent Zeina Khodr was positioned in Hatay yesterday, in fact directly in front of the Cilvegözü border crossing (the IHH convoy’s destination).

Useful map showing disposition of forces in Syria (white = Nusra):


More maps/graphics specific to this now ever-enlarging convoy:


Footnote: Bilal Abdul Kareem resurfaced yesterday:


All pics from:

IHH Twitter, ref. “Halep’e Yol Açın” – “Open the Road to Aleppo”.