Mullah rMullah regime’s next nightmare: #Aleppoegime’s next nightmare: #Aleppo

As approximately 4,000 Syrians and Turks gathered yesterday outside the Iranian consulate in Sirkeci, Istanbul, to protest Iranian involvement in the destruction of Aleppo and the collapse of a ceasefire agreement intended to facilitate the safe passage of Syrians trapped in their embattled city, Middle East Eye (MEE) reported that Iranian leaders were celebrating the imminent “fall” of Aleppo as a “victory” for Tehran and its allies.


According to MEE, what began in 2011 as an uprising by the people of Syria against the brutal practices, oppression and corruption of the Assad regime has been twisted by Iranian propaganda into a so-called war against hardline Muslims they refer to as “takfiris” with total disregard for Syrian civilians and humanitarian workers who continued to resist forced displacement by Assad and his allies against all odds.


In spite of the rhetoric of Assad condemning foreign intervention in Syria, Iranian forces and militias linked to Tehran have played a crucial role in supporting Assad “forces” in his war against legitimate Syrian citizens who refuse to submit to his brutal authority, particularly in the battle of Aleppo.
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