ISIS besieging T4 Military Airport and began storming

Special Euphrates Post:  ISIS set a  tight siege to  T4 military  airbase four days ago, which is only 85km away from Homs city, and that’s after it has  controlled the mountain chains and several sites in the airbase vicinities, as the “Mahjura Battalion” and “Air Defense Battalion” as well as it  controlled other several regions in the south as “Marhattan” and “Western Qaser Al Heir” and also “Syriatel foothill” and “Mashtal” near to the desert, which is only 35Km away from  the north-eastern Al Qaryatain, trying to squeeze more and more the regime forces who are inside the airport,along with  targeting the airport runway and the “Military Housing” with several kinds of rockets, which caused the destruction of three warplanes inside the airbase, worth mentioning that  if this military airbase stopped its activities after ISIS controlled the “Mahjura Battalion”which is overlooking  the airbase, while the clashes still on going between the two sides, as ISIS is trying to take control of the whole airbase.