Argument The Cynical Horror of Assad and Aleppo

This is not civil war; this is war on civilians.

I just returned from the Syrian-Lebanese border, a mere 150 miles from Aleppo, where unspeakable savagery is underway.

The Assad regime is committing horrific war crimes — from mass murder and industrial-style torture to forced starvation and barrel bombs, even the systematic rape of women, children, and men in detention centers. Thus far, 500,000 Syrians have been slaughtered, 6 million people displaced internally, and another 5 million forced to flee as refugees across the border. This is the textbook definition of genocide.

Aided by the Russian army and Iranian militias, the regime is slaughtering noncombatants on a scale rivaling the Rwandan and Bosnian genocides. This is a grand-scale humanitarian catastrophe. Russia and Iran have funneled weapons, training, and funding to Syria’s regime. Their assistance has ensured Assad’s victory and the continuance of uncontested political power, at any price.

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