#Syria|Main Regime Negotiator for Aleppo is a JFS’s commander’s brother

Zaman Al Wasl, reveals that the third name on the agreement document is the brother of one commander in JFS/Former Nusra.

Four signatures are featured on the agreement.  The signature on the agreement shows the name of the

  • Military council representative in Aleppo Zaid Saleh;
  • the Russian representative,
  • the fourth Ahrar AlFaruq representative of the rebels
  • The third is the most important side to the negotiation from the Syrian regime : “Sheikh Omar Rahmun”.

Picture on his FB page


Picture in Zaman alWasl



Omar Rahmun  was entrusted by the regime to help deliver the most prominent bastions of the Syrian Revolution Aleppo. He was himself a few months ago on the side of the revolution and has been hunted by the regime for 2 years. On 11 last month, he said that exactly ” Aleppo, the town, will return to the regime soon, and any mention of the “Epic battle of Aleppo is empty words.”


His return to regime fold in August 2016 shocked many, and mostly his relatives in Helfaya, including his brother, the commander Sami alRahumn.

The regime wanted him to bring the proof of his loyalty that is the town of Aleppo.

He was part of the Hama officials who met with Bashar 2 months after the revolution began, and he described the meeting as a good meeting, as the regime media reported that time.

He moved among several armed factions among them his brother’s Sami  battalion “Abu Alamein’; “Harakat Ahrar alSufiya”; “Ahrar alSham”; “Hama Military Council” ; “Jaish alThuwar” (now SDF). He had knowledge of all the opposition battle plans except Jaish alThuwar (that becomes a proxy). He also was in contact with commanders who defected, in Turkey, where he was a preacher on Friday.

This year and along with Jaish al Thuwar joining the SDF, his name came back as a member of the Militia Shura Council, and when he could not stay anymore in Turkey, he fled to the YPG in Afrin and then returned to the regime fold.

This is his picture when he was Jaish alThuwar spokesperson alias Tareq Abu Zayd:


He is the man who gave orders to the cells inside Aleppo. He said on November 18, “Aleppo waved goodbye to Syria Worldcup Revolution, as some small frills remain.” No one paid attention to his statement until his signature emerged in the agreement and the picture that featured him with a regime officer.


Zaman Al Wasl reports that the Mukhabarat has issued several warrants against   his brother Sami Rahmon and  3 against Omar Rahmun. This has made everybody believes when Sami denied that Omar was a regime collaborator.

Source : Zaman alWasl in Arabic

The agreement document: