#Syria|Aleppo Brief 2

Assad’s militias violated the  agreement to evacuate the civilians and the stop all military operations, Assad’s AC resumed their attacks with cluster bombs and vacuüm missiles on alMashhad, Zabadiya, Salihin and Western alRashidin. All the neighborhoods were also pounded by intense rocket shelling, which led to six killed and a number of injured among the civilians,

Activists told that the iranian militias disrupted today the first  evacuation operation of the injured before resuming the artillery shelling on the neighborhoods.  The militias also tried to push toward al Zabadiya but the rebels foiled their attack and forced them to pull back. Then, the rebels pounded their positions in Jisr al Haj where two car bombs operations have been carried out. Reports mention that many of Assad’s and iranian militias in Jisr alHaj were killed and injured.

In the western countryside, the air attacks and artillery shelling continue to attack the towns and villages with only material damages.