Renewed shelling of Aleppo East enclave and start of humanitarian Land Convoy from Istanbul to Hatay (west of Aleppo)


People gather to see off the land convoy under the slogan ”Open Road to Aleppo” led by IHH before it starts its journey from Istanbul’s Kazlicesme to Hatay’s Cilvegozu border gate, in Istanbul, Turkey on December 14, 2016.
Caption from Getty Images.

The IHH site is currently overloaded, an apology appearing (though it can be reached if you wait). IHH are organising the convoy, which should have left Istanbul several hours ago. Meanwhile, Bilal Abdul Kareem appeared live on Al Jazeera English just after 11amGMT this morning to describe the current state of affairs in the enclave but had to stop the interview when a shell landed near his location. Here he is an hour earlier:

There is talk of Iran or Iranian militias adding conditions to the ceasefire/evacuation, yet the Turkish press maintain communications remain intact between Turkey and Russia. I have not seen a report yet of aircraft over Aleppo – if so, Russia has grounded Assad, in that context. This is a developing situation…