Grim message from Ismail Alabdullah of the Civil Defence from within Aleppo, posted 12.42amGMT


He also appeared in a BBC Newsnight video a while earlier:

Newsnight Twitter

In a BBC article, however, in which the same video (as immediately above) appears, Ismail is not identified but, under the video, another White Helmets individual, Ibrahim Abu Laith, is quoted, as if he were Ismail Alabdullah in the video…


Meanwhile, AMC, at about 1am local time, reported ground-to-ground rocket fire about 20km west of Aleppo on Kafr Naha and Awayjil and a postponement of the evacuation. Elsewhere, it is stated that the régime’s attacks ceased at 7pm local time yesterday and that today, Wednesday, has been earmarked for finalising the evacuation arrangements. The Kremlin spokesman has confirmed Turkey and Russia are cooperating. Green buses were reported to have appeared by the eastern enclave, yesterday, then left empty – no surprise there. The UN, of course, wants monitors to be installed. There are too many links for the above to post here right now.

Clearly the important thing is that Assad has stopped firing into, or otherwise attacking, the enclave – if he has – and that the opposition have ceased to oppose – again, if they have. In this regard, Russia should be restraining the régime and Turkey its opponents. However, the logistics of actually getting people – civilians and fighters alike – out of Aleppo and away to the west require very firm supervision on the ground and considerable transportation facilities; and the evacuees must TRUST the arrangements. It will be interesting to see how this is fixed, during Wednesday.

Finally, many of these people, such as Ismail Alabdullah at top, will be leaving their home. The next evacuee out of Aleppo should be Assad, so they can go back. That’s what Erdogan wants – more, I suspect, than Putin wishes indefinitely to prop up the Syrian dictator.