Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera, speaking live at 10amGMT today, referred to resumed Russia/Turkey talks, without US.


This tweet from her popped up at 11.30amGMT:

She prefixed her remarks with “I have to say that…” before going on to summarise her observations. Note: Al Jazeera live reports can be useful as they are not edited.

What she “had to say” was that Turkey and Russia had useful, secret bilateral dealings with one another regarding Aleppo “three weeks ago” until, feeling excluded, the US muscled in and transferred the talks to Geneva, muddying the waters. However, she then suggested that concrete direct talks between the two parties, Turkey and Russia, have now resumed, the emphasis on the humanitarian situation in Aleppo East.

This makes sense, especially if reported atrocities in the east are true, these atrocities possibly executed by Shia militias. I am in fact inclined to believe Rupert Colville’s assessment (he names names and mentions districts):


The current Armageddon-type horror in the east does not suit Russia, especially if the pro-Assad foreign fighters, which make up the majority of Assad forces, are becoming uncontrollable. So, if Putin and Erdogan are, today, talking purposefully, without the American complication present, this is good news. There may be more to that convoy to Hatay, planned for tomorrow, than meets the eye.

Aleppo needs a policeman.