#Syria|Weddings Under Siege and Bombing… Twenty Weddings in Douma a Week

No sooner does the boom of rockets and missiles that have been falling for hours on the cities and towns of eastern al-Ghouta stop than groups of cars sound their horns announcing the start of a new life for one groom among the young men of al-Ghouta, while elsewhere other lives come to an end. It is a scene much repeated during the five years of the revolution.

The residents of eastern al-Ghouta see no reason to delay weddings because of the daily bombing by the regime. In this report, Enab Baladi presents a sample of the views of residents from Douma, their comments on some of the recent marriages, and how they differ from the period prior to the revolution.

Nasser al-Rahal, a 35 year-old resident of Douma who got married three months ago, says that the daily pressures, whether regime bombing or other pressures, should not influence the decision to marry. He pointed out during his conversation with Enab Baladi, “A while ago I was in a relationship and broke it off for certain reasons, and now I decided to get married. I recommend all young men to marry if they can.”

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