#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| update 12/12/2016

  • FSA seized 3 Daesh tanks
  • FSA sealed off 4 axis of alBab.
  • TAF  targeted Daesh in the villages of Bzza’a and Qabr al-Maqri near al-Bab.

The interview

The fight began early in the morning from the northern axis,FSA broke Daesh first defense line inflicting it score of losses in men and equips. FSA seized heavy materials and arms.

More than 40 Daesh killed.

1 scout plane downed to the NW of alBab.

During the attack, FSA found training camps for DIY rocket handling. They also found inside those camps rockets containing cw such as Sarin.

As to enter alBab, the operation was delayed because Daesh is not allowing civilians to leave. It has closed all the entries and exits.. This is the reason flyers were dropped on the town to tell civilians to stay in safer places.

Interview with the commander Ahmad alJuani of FSA alJazira Rebels