#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 112th day update

Turkish jets destroyed 157 Daesh targets on Tuesday in northern Syria as part of Operation Euphrates Shield.

The Turkish Armed Forces said in a statement the targets included shelters, defensive positions, as well as command-and-control facilities. Among the targets were six shelters, two ammunition stores, three checkpoints, two bomb vehicle production plants, three garages for armed vehicles and several gun emplacements.

In addition, 28 targets in the Al-Bab and Bzagah regions were hit by Turkish warplanes.

Source: Anadoly news english

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FSA foiled a Daesh counter attack from Jabal Aqeel,  trying to recapture the  positions it lost to the FSA in the recent day. FSA inflicted Daesh a number of killed.  Several of FSA were also killed during those attacks. Fights are still taking place in al Bab and its vicinity, and FSA is still holding onto the positions it captured recently.