#Syria|Aleppo Brief 1

The shelling on the town has stopped since few hours and the truce was announced ahead to allow the besieged civilians to be evacuated.

Their evacuation is expected to begin in few hours which will end with evacuation of the rebels and jihadis.

No less than 150 civilians are still besieged in alSekkari; Mashhad; alAnsari; Zabadiya; and parts of al Ezaat and Saif alDawla amid a total shortage of food, medicines, who are surrounded by bodies of the Martyrs.

The besieged town of Aleppo neighborhoods have become rubbles as the result of shelling and bombing that have burnt the town since the beginning of the revolution.

The civilians of the besieged town are preparing themselves to leave after a 4 years of shelling and massacres and 113 days of siege .

There are no correct figures about the exact number of martyrs due to intense bombings and shelling, and the high number of them.

All the civilians who insisted to stay in their neighborhoods after the regime forces has entered were either executed or arrested in collective public execution.


Source: HNN news correspondent last report from the besieged area