#Syria news as reported for 13/12/2016 via the LCCSy


  • Martyrs and wounded civilians were reported due to the bombing of warplanes and artillery shelling on #Mash_had and #Salah_al_din in the besieged city of Aleppo.
  • The revolutionists destroyed a tank battalion belonging to the Assad forces on the #Zahra Association front in western countryside; following the targeting of the base with an anti-missile.
  • Warplanes targeted rocket strikes on #Kafra_hamra city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.


  • The killing of a number of Assad’s forces and the destruction of a military tank and a bulldozer belonging to them at the hands of the rebels following clashes between the two sides on the front of the #Damascus_highway in the city of #Homs international #Douma East Ghouta.
  • Assad’s forces target heavy artillery shelling on the residential neighborhoods in the city #Arbin.
  • Assad’s forces targeted with artillery shells and mortar houses in the city of #Douma in the #eastern_alGhouta countryside.
  • The martyrdom of Haj Mohammed Dib Mohiuddin Seriwl from wounds sustained due to aviation shelling of the city of #Douma.
  • Assad’s forces launched a campaign of raids and random arrests affecting the number of young men and women in the city of #Al_Tal.


  • UN aid plane dropped baskets containing food to areas controlled by Assad’s forces in the city.
  • Sporadic clashes between Assad forces and “Daesh” on the eastern side of #Matar_al_Askara #deir_al_Ezzor.
  • The death of the child Mohammed Emad Henaidi 12 year old with his mother as a result of Daesh targeting mortar shelling on #alJurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces.
  • Martyrdom Amrad young child as a result of Daesh targeting #Jurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces with mortar fire for several days.


  • #Alert!!!! Seen posted in the city on the barriers;for what is called “#self_management” and the #al_Assad_forces recently closed all shops in the surrounding market & security zone downtown.


  • “Daesh” controls the barrier junction # southwest of the strategic military airport #Altifor and cut the road between the airport and the city of # .


  • Exit popular demonstrations in the cities and towns of the province demanding leaders and factions to move to lift the siege on the #Aleppo and denouncing the silence of the international community for all that is happening in the besieged eastern neighborhoods of genocide