Russia/Turkey deal in place for evacuation of civilians and fighters alike from Aleppo East, probably commencing 5am local time, Wednesday.


Bilal Abdul Kareem is still alive… (he said goodbye last night):

AFP have the main story:


Update (20.11GMT). They pulled that link. Here’s the new one:


Update (22.05GMT). A third AFP rewrite has appeared, but has now disappeared… To see AFP’s reports on this incident, go to their news hub and click the Aleppo link in the banner near the top. Currently, doing so in fact produces a dead link (though I have the text) – so, they’re rewriting, yet again. I shall be posting copies of the first three articles seen here in comments underneath, but will leave it alone after that.

The 5am time was mooted by Al Jazeera reporting info given to Reuters by the régime – however, I cannot find the Reuters report:


Update (22.33GMT). That 5am local time (3amGMT) has now been repeated by SOHR – see “APF3” in comments under.