PYD facilities will be Turkey’s targets

The deadly bomb attacks by the PKK terrorist organization in Istanbul on Saturday that left 44 dead and more than 150 wounded have created deep anger and resentment among the country.Turkish people are angry and are feeling deep resentment not because the attacks could not be prevented but because Western countries and more shockingly our so-called allies are telling us they are solidly behind us in the fight against terrorism but when it comes to actions they pay lip service to the PKK.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the secessionist PKK terrorist organization was behind the two attacks in Istanbul. What is doubtful for the Turks in general is the sincerity of the messages of condolences and solidarity from our Western allies.

PKK is on the terrorist list of the United States and the European Union and yet we see, with shame and sorrow, that these countries allow the PKK to prevail on their soil with little trouble. This makes the Turkish people wonder and question the sincerity of these countries’ statements.

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