#Syria|Homs E. Rif| Maps showing the evolution on the ground

After Daesh took Tadmur and some areas in the west, they took over the following areas near T4:
AF battalion.
Western Qasr alHayr.
Syriatel tower to the south of T4.
alJahar junction to the east of T4.
Defense Mountains to the north of T4.
T4 is under Daesh fire control, where 3 ACs were destroyed due to shelling.
Marhatan Junction to the south of T4.

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Video from inside Tadmur


Daesh carried out 2 suicide car bombs. 44 tanks seized. 22 fighters captured. 352 pro-govt fighters killed. It seized Palmyra city & outskirts; Jazel oilfield; al-Mahr oilfield; the Jahar gas field; the Hayan petrol company; the Huweisis; the Mahjoura brigade.