#Syria|Aleppo Brief

Halab News report the followings :

Assad’s forces progressed toward Jisr alHaj and stormed alFardous, Kellaseh, Bustan alQasr, and executed civilians among them women and children who could not find any shelter away from the air attack hell.

100 000 civilians are still besieged in the remaining neighborhoods of Aleppo (Saif alDawla, alEzaat, alZabadiya, Salah Eddine, alMashad and alSekkari and alAmiriya). There are fears of massacres against the civilians. 7000 young men were forced to join the regime militias.

The rebels and activists are sending their last messages through twitter and are waiting for death to come.

This is al Muhtalla news :

Assad’s sectarian militias executed :
14 people of AlAjam family.
9 people of Sanda family with 4 children and 7 women.
20 people of Qassir family, Hajjar, Sanda in al Fardous.
25 people of Akku and Fa’el in alSalihin.

These are reports from individuals :
Halesh burned and shot 35 rebels among them their families with 9 children and 6 women in alFardous. It also burned 8 people in Bustan alQasr at the Bus barrier which is the 1st regime checkpoint.


Iranian militias burned 70 people in a shelter among them women and children and injured.


17 civilians executed at the cemetery wall in alKallaseh among them children and women.


Russians participating to the massacres

aleppo-massacre5Orient News in arabic reports from field source that more 200 civilians executed in Kallaseh and Bustan alQasr


Halab News say that its correspondent on the ground has confirmed that the sectarian militias have executed some civilians in the neighborhoods where they progressed, and others were burned them.