#Syria|Homs E. Rif – Tadmur update – Daesh continues to progress

After Tadmur, Daesh is continuing its progress to the West and SW of Tadmur. It grabbed

  • the Power Company
  • Dawat to the west of Tadmur. This is an agricultural area.
  • alBayarat to the west of Tadmur.
  • alMuthallath to the west of Tadmur
  • alMuqassam
  • the village of T4 70 km far to the west of the airbase.li>
  • Hayan company to the NW of Tadmur.li>
  • alTayas which is the advanced line to T4 where forces have retreated to the inside of the airbase and clashes at the outskirts of the airbase. (regime news),

Report of more than 100 Assad’s militias killed during those fights.
This morning Daesh controlled al Amiriya neighborhood and the strategic alAmiriya hilltop, and alWadi area, to the northeast. Daesh grabbed 3 tanks and destroyed a fourth with an ATGM.

Some of the spoils grabbed by Daesh:
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The map by Amaq


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