#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|110th day update – AlBab Battle – Day 2

Turkish jets killed at least nine Daesh terrorists Sunday in northern Syria as part of Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish military announced.

In air attacks targeting Daesh-held buildings in northern Syria, Turkish jets hit at least 26 targets, including three arm-laden vehicles, the Turkish Armed Forces said in a statement.

Under the operation, which has reached its 110th day, more than 1,800 square kilometers (694 square miles) of land in northern Syria have been cleared of Daesh terrorists.

Anadolu news english

FSA grabbed 2 tanks from Daesh at the Northern high flyer to alBab.

Fights in Jabal Sheikh Aqeel surroundings as FSA try to control the mountain that overlooks AlBab.

FSA has cut off all the road to PKK/QASAD toward alBab.

FSA blew out a Daesh car bomb nearby al Zarzur.

Military source but not confirmed by OR: FSA destroyed a Daesh tank inside alBab.

Reports that FSA is progressing inside al Bab, but no official confirmation from the OR so far.

FSA progressed to the housing compound to the west of alBab, controlled Aleppo-alBab highway – AlMer’ab – Shamiliya Hilltop to AlBab Hospital. When FSA will control the hospital, alBab will be sealed off by FSA fire and completely sealed off.  (Jisr TV correspondent in E. Aleppo rif).