#Syria| Aleppo Brief 1

Fierce fights in alMaadi, alAsila, Bab alMaqam, Bustan alQasr, alEzaat inside the besieged town of Aleppo. Rebels killed and injured a number the militias, and destroyed  1 tank, 1 BMP, and grabbed one tank at the Senaeya front in alMarjo.

Along those fights, the regime and Russia AC bombed and shelled with artillery and missiles killing 2 children in alEzaat and injuring many civilians.

The regime militias shelled with the heavy artillery AlAnsari, Jisr alHaj, Tal alZarazir, Sekkari, and carried out air attacks on al Sekkari.

The towns and villages  were also bombed and shelled by the regime and RU, in the countryside.

For the Euphrates Shield, please refer to the blog post “update”.