Assad and foreigners occupy Aleppo to “save” its people!

As Assad and Putin media as well as more and more international news channels including German ARD and American CNN claim, rebels – “jihadis” as they call them – in eastern Aleppo kept tens of thousands, even all 275.000 civilians hostage, confirming the narrative the capture of the districts by Assad, Putin and Iran was a “liberation”, here are some thoughts and facts on it.


a) The districts held by the rebels until two weeks ago had a population of more than one million people before Assad’s bombings started in 2012. More than 70% of them left before 2016. Many fled to Turkey, many to Germany. No one stopped them.


b) Until the Castello Road – the last exit – was closed by Assad, Putin and Iran in summer, there was regular bus and private traffic between Aleppo and its suburbs. All civilians were free to leave if they wanted – if not bombed by Russia. But most just used the route for regular business and returned to their hometown. No one stopped them.
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