#Syria[Homs E. Rif| Tadmur update

The town of Tadmur is encircled after yesterday progress by Daesh and the regime has failed to break the siege so far.  Fights took place between Daesh and the regime  in the perimeter of  alMahjura to the west of the town and Hayan Mountain perimeter, in a last regime attempt to control those areas.  Daesh captured 3 more regime barriers nearby the Mills to the East of Tadmur and the fights are still taking place.


Daesh has announced to have downed regime 1 Mig. The pilot Thabet Ismail Abu Ja’far is still missing.

Inside the town of Palmyra/Tadmur, the residents stay indoor amid and there is a full mobilization of the militias in the streets.  Several families left on their own after finding a means to drive them to Homs. The communication means (land lines, internet and cell phones) are still working.

Daesh controls the Mills and Tulayla junction to the East of Tadmur.
Daesh took control of all the mountains in Tadmur surroundings. The latest mountain is Tar Mountain to the North of Tadmur.
Daesh control the army depots.

Civilian families left to face their fate during the severe clashes in Tadmur.
Daesh lauched an attack on Jabal Antar nearby AlAbyad Dam.
Daesh takes over the Qatari Palace to the SW of Tadmur.

Video of Daesh inside alMahr company:

Regime AC and helicopters attacks on alAmiriya surrounding and orchards and Tadmur airbase surroundings. Electricity outage in Tadmur.

Daesh has entered Tadmur. It took over most of  northe, west and central neighborhoods and ongoing clashes with Assad’s militias.

Daesh summary : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CzV7TjfWIAEDIGN.jpg

Daesh gains:

The mills transformed by Russians as their barracks.
The Tuleila junction.

Strategic Tar Mountains.
Antara Mountains and their arm depots.

Westward :
alMahjura to the norht of T4.
1 AC shot down and the pilote succeeded to reach the regime controlled areas.

43 Assad’s soldiers killed.
6xTanks grabbed.
5 Gun fields 23 mm
1 Kornet Launcher.

Russian AC bombing Hayan Mountains.
Assad’s militias shelled Daesh positions with dozens of missiles.
Dozens of Russia|n air strikes on the city of Palmyra now

This video shows the attack of Daesh on Jabal Hayan. Some pictures are hard to watch 18+.

Pictures from the fights in alBarida (see map) south of Tadmur:

4 ACs destroyed inside T4 airbase as the result of Daesh pounding.

10 of Halesh (AlReda and alGhalibun) killed during the fight with Daesh.