#Syria|Aleppo brief 2

Despite the ongoing attempt by the Assad’s militias to progress inside the remaining areas to the SE of the besieged Aleppo, and their strategy to isolate the neighborhoods from each other in the Citadel surroundings, alMaadi, Job alShalabi, Ezaat, Bustan alQasr, Sheikh Said and Umayyad Mosque where, the map remained unchanged for the last past 72 hours. Friday and Saturday were marked by the most ferocious battles.

The regime helicopters dropped TNT barrels with Chlorine, which resulted in suffocation among the civilians. The air attacks resumed on al Maadi, Sekkari, Karm alDa’da, Salihin, Ferdous, and the surroundings of the Umayyad Mosque in the old City of Aleppo.

The rebels shelled with artillery the areas under the regime control in western side of the town, targeting the Furqan, and the Municipal Palace surroundings, Salah Eddine, Bab alFaraj.

The fights resumed on Saturday between the rebels and the militias on almost all the fronts inside the besieged town,, Sheikh Said, alEzaat, Salah Eddine, Saif alDawla, alMaadi, alMarjo outskirts, Karm alDa’da, Job alShalabi, and the neighborhoods inside the old city of Aleppo, amid artillery shelling and missile pounding by the regime militias, which resulted in many civilians reported killed and injured.