#Syria Aleppo Brief 1

Ongoing Fights in several axis of the besieged town of Aleppo after the Assad’s militias tried to progress with the help of artillery and missile shelling.  Those attacks on the besieged town are daily and take place at once on several axis. During these past days, the Assad’s militias incurred a large number of killed and losses in military equipment as several rebels report to have destroyed several tanks.

Activists : the fights are mostly in alEzaat and alSenaa close to alMarjo inside the besieged town where the regime tried to progress. Rebels destroyed 2 tanks T90 and killed no less than 25 of the militias

Video of Fastaqem’s commander talking to the fighters and he confirms that T90 were destroyed. The front alEzaat :

Fastaqem’s commander Abu Saqr Qutayba at AlEzaat front with the fighters He confirms the high number of the militias killed : more than 70

The intensity of the fight in alEzaat

Assad’s helicopters  dropped TNT barrels with Chlorine on alKallaseh and cases of suffocation have been documented.Civilians continue to flee  toward the areas controlled by the regime militias as the result of the regime shelling with artillery and air attacks. Some of them are reported missing as their families is unable to get hold of them.Activists report that Assad’s militias’ bodies and inured have arrived to the Mocambo hospital among them foreign ones.

In the countryside, RU AF targeted Kafr Hamra with incendiary and cluster bombs.