Trump’s and Obama’s national security advisers to meet amid controversy

Incoming national security adviser retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn will meet with national security adviser Susan E. Rice for the first time Wednesday at the White House, as congressional criticism of Flynn increases regarding his penchant for spreading conspiracy theories and his comments on Islam.

Although Trump transition team members have been working inside the White House for weeks, Flynn has had only sporadic contact with Rice since the election, two sources close to the transition confirmed. Meanwhile, Flynn has kept up a steady schedule of meetings with foreign officials as he prepares to be the president’s top national security aide. The Flynn-Rice meeting could be an awkward one, considering that Flynn has repeatedly trashed President Obama’s foreign policy — as implemented by officials including Rice.

Moreover, although Flynn has a security clearance and participates in the presidential daily briefings, he has not signed the necessary paperwork for receiving detailed transition briefings that contain secret information. His Wednesday visit to the White House could be an opportunity to do so.

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