#Syria|Raqqa|SDF/QASAD forced disappearance policy of FSA officers

SDF arrested on 15/11/2016 abducted and disappeared Qassem alBalas (alias Abu Abdallh) commander of “Wabse alAsadi “وابصة الأسدي”) with his 5 brothers in the North of Raqqa. Their where about is still unknown so far.

AlBalas was one fo the rebels in the town of Raqqa who began to take part to the demonstrations in alRmeile neighborhood, and one of the first to join the 1st group of FSA in the town. He began his activity as a rebel in Raqqa Province and one of the best important”Abu Issa” companion and Aid, commander of Liwa Thuwar Raqqa. He left the first battalion “Shuhada Raqqa” formed by Abu Issa, to join afterward Liwa Thuwar Raqqa. Then he moved from one to another fighting groups, and fought both the regime and Daesh during the following years.

He participated in the last battles between the FSA and Daesh in Raqqa, and withdrew with the rest of the  battalion to Turkey, after Daesh grabbed Raqqa Province. Than he joined recently the SDF/QASAD after a decision has forbidden any FSA factions.

His arrest  is linked to a dangerous obsession that is part of the security coordination between the Assad regime and the QASAD militias. These warning and obsessions began with the arrival of those militias linked to Assad’s Mukhabarat, who executed Ayman alTahri after his abduction and his arrest..They have kept the same path by attacking the first rebels, and those the regime did not forget,  on behalf of the regime who helps it to become a de facto militias that controls the North of Raqqa.

Source : Raqqa Post arabic