#Syria|Idlib Province Statement: no more forced displaced and refugees

Civil councils and organizations have issued a joint statement about the forced displacement crime.

The councils and civil society bodies in IdIib Province apologize to be unable to take more of the forced displaced, in a joint statement.

They explain that the Province originally suffers of infrastructure and service degradation, due to the brutal and systematic bombardment on hospitals, schools and vital installations, which make its capabilities extremely difficult to accommodate the displaced and their families and increase its inability to give the most basic necessities of life to the forced displaced and refugees.

The statement points out to the clear intention to assemble the Syrian rebels and resistance fighters in one narrow geographical, to focus on bombing it and destroying it, and allow Assad to carry out his plan to change the social fabric in areas that are evacuated, and then focus his efforts to carry out his operations in the province.

The statement also noted that after the displacement of Daraya’s population and Moadamieh followed by Qudsaya, Khan Shieh and alTal, the situation is already bad in the Province, and  the economic situation si deteriorating and bad, with a severe shortage of  health security services for civilians, and the high frequency of bombing that drained the rest of the infrastructure resulting in the increase of the suffering of the population, and finally the closure of the Turkish borders has made the displaced to live in a narrow confined geographical areas without possibility to accommodate more.

Based on the foregoing, the Idlib Province Council apologizes for not receivoing more forcibly displaced until further notice, until the  current numbers of the displaced from different areas are fully absorbed , and to set an organization for future operations.