#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| Update – The battle of Al Bab – Day 1

The followings are from LCC alBab:
Fierce fights are taking place at one axis between FSA and Daesh accompanied by an intense shelling with artillery shells and missiles on Daesh positions. More than 20 air attacks so far by the TAF with clades echoing inside the town between Daesh and the FSA, and witnesses confirmed that the attack are from the west and the North.

A landmine left over by Daesh  exploded in Kfeir 3 km to the NW of alBab, which resulted in the killing of 2 people including one child.

FSA backed by TAF has announced the battle of alBab has begun.



TAF air raids on Daesh positions in alBab.


FSA recaptures Barata and Dana at the west of alBab after fights with Daesh.

FSA captures the land road between Manbej and alBab after fights with Daesh. #tsk ,#Bab / #Menbiç karayolunu tamamen kontrol altına aldığını duyurdu

FSA destroys a Daesh bomb car on alDana road.


Names of one family alNa’san killed during the shelling

#الباب : اسماء عائلة النعساني وحمد الذين استشهدوا في القصف الذي استهدف مدينة #الباب
1_ عبد الرحمن نعساني _ 44 سنة
2_ زوجة عبد الرحمن نعساني _35 سنة
3_سيدرة نعساني عبد الرحمن _14سنة
4_أنس نعساني عبد الرحمن _5 سنوات
5_ سيدال نعساني عبد الرحمن _4 سنين
6_مالك النعساني_30 سنة
7_زوجة مالك النعساني
8_شهد بنت مالك النعساني _5سنوات
9_ نور بنت مالك النعساني _3 سنين
10_محمد حمد _16 سنة
11_فؤاد حمد _14سنة
12_فاطمة النعمة والدة محمد وفؤاد وبنت لازالت تحت الأنقاض
و8 اشخاص اخرجو من تحت الانقاض ولا تزال عملية الانتشال مستمرة

Rebels are at the gates of  AlBab and on the verge to enter the town


FSA freed Istirahat Alloulou and Cement company (LCC alBab) . This means the road Aleppo-alBab and Alloulou plant up to the Mills, is cut.
TAF says to have entered alBab from the western side.