#Syria|Aleppo Brief 3 – Zanki spox’s statement about the military situation inside the besieged town

Captain Abdel Salam Razad said to SMART News  about the fights today inside the besieged town:

“the RU air attacks continued on the neighborhoods of Aleppo and the pre-emptive shelling to allow the regime progress toward several fronts inside the old city, alMaadia, alEzaat, Bustan alQasr, Jub alJalabi, and most importantly Sheikh Said where rebels inflicted Assad’s militias important losses.

There is no exact statistics for the number of killed and injured among the militias but the number is large as well as 4 militias of Liwa alQuds have been made prisoner, and all their attacks on all fronts failed  and  they were forced to withdraw. 1 BMP was destroyed on alEzaat front and another one on alAsila, that tried to progress toward the FSA defense line. In the same time, fights are continuing  on several front inside the eastern area and the old city.

He pointed out that rebels with their strong mood, where able to crash and stop the militias attacks, who could not progress and the map remained unchanged, despite the intensity of the attack that happened during the past 2 days, rebels”