#Syria| Homs E. Rif – Tadmur

Daesh took over the gazfield alMohur to the NE of the airbase, alBurj hilltops and alUrtwaziya barrier and several points at the north to the NW of Tadmur.

Fights at the outskirt of Hayan field  as the regime militias try to recapture it.

Figts at the Mills to the NE of Tadmur as the regime militias try to recapture it.

Daesh grabbed spoils : 1 tank – 1 missile launcher – 2 gunfield from one of the convoy that regime sent to recapure al Muhr. Dozens of Assad’s forces killed.

Reports that a RU AC (probably) destroyed a regime convoy on Khanaser-Salamiye road,  with 6 armoured vehicle and soldiers carriers, heading to Hama than to Homs. The AC took westward dirction.

Daesh took over the village and the company of alJahar nearby al Mahr oilfield and some barriers in its perimeter to the NW of the town. (green in the map)



Fierce fights at alJazl gazfield outskirts after Daesh encircled it.

Daesh took over the Hayan mountain and its perimeter and some members infiltrated toward the orchards to the east of the town.

The map shows the areas captured by Daesh and their attacks toward the city

Dozen of Daesh infiltrated the eastern neighborhood of Tadmur, and loyalists seen leaving the towns.

Daesh took over all Jazl oilfield and its perimeter.

Air attacks on Tadmur and fights in the eastern orchards of Tadmur and the Qatari Palace.

However, PNN denies reports that Daesh is inside the town of Tadmur and entered from the eastern side. There is a full mobilization at the barriers inside the city. The road Homs-Tadmur is still opened and Assad’s forces control it so far though Daesh several attempts to cut it off after its filed attacks on alDuwa area

Daesh targets T4 with Grad missiles.

Daesh has learned from the former attacks on Tadmur. This time it launched an unexpected attack on the points around the city of Tadmur, took over the oil ressources and the supply road to the town, which makes it possible to control the town much easier.

The crop for Daesh :
Control of alBurj and alMahr hilltops
Control of alUrtuwaziya barrier .
Total control of al Mahr
15 barriers between alMahr and Jahar.
Teh gazfield of Jahar and the hills around it..
in Jazl are, NE of Jahar, 5 barriers from the regime and total control of oilfield Jazl and is perimeter.

Regime losses :
1 military convoy destroyed
No less than 112 killed.
2 convoys destroyed.
3 tanks as spoils.
Missile launcher.
Gun field.
1 machinegun.
Massive ammunitions.

Reports mention the regimes losses can be mounted to more or less 200 between killed and missing since the beginning of the attacks on the oil and gaz fields, Huweisiss.