Four-star brass say no-fly zone would work again in Syria

Some of America’s top military brass – active and retired – are in Iraq to commemorate a mission carried out a quarter of a century ago, and one they believe could still be dusted off and duplicated to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria.

The cadre of four-star American generals arrived in Kurdistan, Iraq, Thursday, where they will meet with Kurdish President Mahmoud Barzani to mark the 25th Anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort, the 1991 mission that helped keep some 450,000 civilians out of the crossfire as the U.S.-led coalition battled Saddam Hussein’s forces. The operation established a “no-fly” zone in Northern Iraq, shielding the refugees from the brutal dictator’s airpower.

The general consensus was that what worked against Saddam could work against ISIS, the black-clad jihadist army that helped plunge Iraq and Syria into conflict and chaos.