#Syria|Homs E. Rif – Tadmur update

Daesh has taken control of several small regime barriers in different areas. This attack is considered to be the most violent since the regime regained control of Tadmor with its militias and the backing of Russia. All fights are outside the town and there is no progress to Daesh inside the town.


Report 24 hours ago

Tadmor has been witnessing since midnight yesterday a wide attack by Daesh on the regime barriers in the Mills area where it took over 4 barriers controlled by .

  • Regiment 18
  • AlAqrab militias
  • Militias alMaghaweer alBadiya (2 barriers), who have been ambushed and as the result many have been killed. The regime also lost military equipments and arms.

Daesh took also over the Huweisis, as the result of which dozens on both sides were killed following fight in alBadiya and at the outskirts of the town.

Throughout the day 08/12/2016

Regime AC and Artillery targeted the areas he lost and inflicting Daesh dozens of killed in addition to the loss of 2 pick ups loaded with machine guns.

Several bodies have arrived to Tadmor hospital from the Mills where fights are taking place.

In the city of Tadmor, the situation is very bad as families began to leave fearing Daesh attack after reports that it is progressing toward the outskirts of the town. Pullman buses and cars have been made available for families who wish to go to Homs.

Artillery shelling have been echoing since last night at  midnight

Daesh has attacked the regime forces at alMahjura nearby T4 airbase.

Daesh took over few oil points in Jazl oil field, took over totally alMahr oil field, and all the other oil fields have been evacuated by the regime workers toward Homs, and some militias gathers in Hayan company where the activity has stopped.

Large part of alHayan mountain is under Daesh fire control.

Daesh took over alQasr alHalabat at 25 SE of Tadmur after it lauched an unexpected attack on different points at the outskirt of the town yesterday.



Daesh progress towards alMahjura nearby T4 air base at the west of Tadmur.

Daesh took 3 regime soldiers and 1 major from alSuweda during the battle at the outskirt of Tadmur. The names documented by Homs Documntary

أسماء خنازير (عصابة أسد) الذين تم أسرهم من قبل تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية

  • : الخنزير الرائد: أيهم عبدالله
  • : الخنزير المجند مهند ضيف الله
  • : الخنزير المجند محمد عبدالقادر بطيخ
  • : الخنزير المتطوع أكرم العاقل

The video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqtLZoR_KDg&feature=youtu.be

In another context, the Regime militias took 5 prionners of Daesh in the south of town.

Reports that Daesh has encircled the Hayan Company  where the workers and shabbiha have barricaded themselves after Daesh took over the alMahr oil field.

Regime sent reinforcements from Homs to T4 airbase.

Russia has evacuated its Generals and soldiers from the RU military base at the south of Atharya totally and sent them to T4 or Homs.

Reports that Daesh withdrew from the  Mills nearby Tadmur as the result of intense air attacks.Daesh launched an attack against the regime forces in alBayarat to the west of Tadmur to cut the road Tadmor-Homs, which also link to T4 airbase and also to cut the supply road from T4 toward the town.  The organization targeted a military convoy at the Tababir junction on Homs-Tadmor road. Reports say it is progressing toward the Shandakhiyat to cut the supply road to T4.  Daesh took over few barriers at the outskirt of Sekkari.  Daesh targeted a regime barrier with a car bomb in the Mills areas to the east of Tadmur after it was forced to pull out as the result of the intense air attacks of the RU and Regime ACs.

Daesh has launched that unexpected attack since last midnight and made a significative progress toward several points among them the very important Jabal Hayan 4 kms to the west of the town.

Source: PNN in arabic

The crop :

The areas that Daesh took over only according to Palmyra Rev : Jazl- Hayan Mountain-Huweisis and Qasr alHalabat.The road Homs-Tadmur is still opened.

Daesh took over 8 barries in Shaer in Huweisis. 50 Assad’s forces killed, 3 PoWs.  It grabbed 3 tanks and one gunfield 37 and one Konkurs launcher with the missiles, and several kind of arms and artillery.

Source: Palmyra Rev and  orient news in arabic


Other devolopment:

Regime sent an important military convoy from Nayrab airbase in Aleppo to T4, which was destroyed on Khanaser-Atharya.