#Syria|Aleppo Brief 3 – directly from Saif alDawla (Dowle)

Direct interview on the ground by Jisr TV reporter

Below video is directly from Saif alDawla in the west part of the bsieged Aleppo. The commander said that the regime millitias tried to progress but rebels foiled their attempt. He said that today they used all type of arms including tanks and armoured vehicle and still their attempt was foiled. He aslo added they are doing their utmost to hold but he does not deny that from time to time there will be withdrawal as the result of the RU and Iranian attacks. He denied claims that rebels have agreed to leave Aleppo and he added, there is only one road the martyrdom.

In al Muadi neighborhood, rebels destroyed 8 regime tanks. In al Qasila, they killed 50 of the Assad’s militias.

46 ppl were killed today in besieged , 230 injured some of them suffocating bcz chlorine after 140 airstrike and 1200 shells