#Syria|Why Former Emirs who left Nusra to Daesh return to JFS/Former Nusra ?

New defections within Daesh took place. This time 1st ranking officers in the security defected among them Emirs. Why did they defect ? Why former Nusra is securing their presence in its ranks ?

Few days ago, Eye on Homeland published that Tunisian Emir Abu Zer who was the former military commander  in  Nusra/JFS and 4 other emirs among them Bilal Shawash have arrived to Idlib where JFS/former Nusra welcomed them and granted them the protection, which created wide discontent among all the armed factions in the Province. JFS/Nusra is accepting in its ranks time bombs and  people who have harmed the revolution and killed dozens of civilians and rebels. They initially defected from Nusra in the past, and everybody wonders why Nusra is accepting them again ?

Source: Eye on Homeland in arabic