#Syria|Aleppo brief 1

Several AC air attacks on the town of alAtareb with incendiary bombs.

Several AC air attacks on the town of Kafr Karmin withincendiary bombs and sts bomb.

Full mobilization declared in the besieged town.

Most of the young men in the besieged town.

About the Initiative put forward by the Aleppo rebel factions :

Aleppo rebels have set the ball in the int’l community ground by putting forward the initiative to evacuate the civilians and the injured. However, there is an important point to clarify  about the civilians. The civilians who have no problem with the regime leave everyday to the areas where the regime has progressed without being stopped. However, the initiative concerns the civilians who have problems with the regime and who wish to be evacuated to other areas.

Source: Ahmad Primo

Capt. Abdel-Salam Abdel-Razek of the rebel Nour el-Din el-Zinki faction — one of the largest operating inside Aleppo — said the cease-fire proposal was driven by humanitarian concerns because of the rising death toll and intensive destruction. He said currently there was no talk of rebels leaving the city.

The proposal calls for the immediate evacuation of 500 seriously wounded and for allowing civilians wishing to leave to head to northern rural Aleppo, where there is almost no government presence. It also calls for negotiations over the future of the city of Aleppo once the humanitarian crisis eases. Abdel-Razek said this humanitarian pause is to be monitored by the United Nations.

Wissam Zarqa, an English teacher in eastern Aleppo and an outspoken government opponent, said the rebel retreat from large parts of Old Aleppo was “concerning.”

“We are exhausted. There is a lot of death and unprecedented destruction,” he said.

Source: AP

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