#Syria|Aleppo battle| Don’t fight an enemy who has only a single choice

The battle is unequal : RU – Iran and Regime fighting the rebels of the town.

Rebels have absorbed the first chock after the regime attack. Rebels began to operate on several fronts to foil the regime and its proxies to progress.

Steadfastness inside the besieged town also relies on the outside military operations.

As soon the rebels 1st defense lines have been breached, the battle changed and has become a battle street.

The participants :

the necessity to unify the forces and the command.

The enemy does not care for the civilians. He shells them with all kind of arms. This has given the rebels inside the besieged Aleppo two tasks: on one side to protect the civilians who are killed by the regime and RU,  and on the other side to reinforce their rear and new defense lines. The regime is taking advantage of that to progress. The regime poured in a huge number of militias and began to attack from several axis. Rebels began to reorganize their lines again knowking that  the regime is unable with its militias and equipments to cover entirely those areas.

Rebels’ choices: form a pressure belt from the outside of Aleppo

the most important is to protect the borders and the 1/4 millions of civilians. The borders are circular and need to be protected by the rebels 24/24  to foil the regime progress toward the inside and the arm depots. This requires a change of tactic :  They must be backed from the outside  with  military operation belt that pressure the regime in the west of Aleppo at Jamiyat alZahra, Ramussa, alDawahi, the Academies and all the areas including Nayrab airbase to force the regime and its militias to pull out part of their forces to defend the rear lines.

Rebels initiative to protect the civilians ?

RU and the world have pushed toward that solution : either you leave the town or you bear the civilian fate responsibility and not the int’l community, knowing that the civilians are our families and our people and they are shelled and killed by the enemy. It has been rebels responsibility since the revolution has broken out, to protect them.  How this should be done ?  The enemy asks for  total surrender. The civilians who fled to their areas have been arrested (men up to 40 forced to join the forces) and women and children are taken hostages and face hard conditions.  A for those who are inside the besieged Aleppo, it is the int’l community to protect them from the intense shelling and bombing, at least with humanitarian aids. In the besieged town there is no traditional army and there are  people who are facing  extermination at the hand of  the 2nd Great Country in the world that is Russia.

  • The regime has began to circulate reports that the rebels have accepted to withdraw from Aleppo, which they denied. As long as they have the will, arms and food to resist they don’t need to pre-empt that solution. The enemy want to empty Aleppo for a demographic change.

Regime limited choice : don’t fight an enemy who has only a single choice

Militarily, the regime must be convinced that it has a limited choice and is a facing a difficult situation because it is fighting an enemy who has only one choice. Rebels in Aleppo have only one choice which is steadfastness.

Help from the outside is important. JAF and all factions in the south, north and west rif of Aleppo, in the north of Syria and everywhere  for the following goals :

  • one strategic goal :  to secure the  road to enter the besieged town to help the civilians leave.
  • A tactical goal: form a military pressure on all the militias that fight and besiege the town of Aleppo which either will break the siege or force the int’l community to find a solution for the people who are exterminated.

Video Orient News arabic 6/12/2016 :