#Syia|Euphrates Shield 3| update

2 Turkish soldiers were killed aftar Daesh detonated a car bomb nearby alBab town, and 6 others were reported injured. They were taken to Shahin Beik hospital in Ganziantep.
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TAF destroyed 9 Daesh positions and killed 23 of Daesh, destroyed 3 tanks, 2 searching points, 3 hiding points and 3 buldings used as HQs.

Last Thursday, 4 Turkish soldies and 10 oher were injured as the result of an air attack nearby alBab. It was believed that this attack was carried out by the regime AC, but a Turkish official told Harbit Newspaper this morning that an iranian scout plane participated in the attck on the Turkish compounds in the northern of Syria;
It is noteworthy that Turkish sources revealed the reasons behind ES slowdown which begain on 24 August,  are the result of a fearce opposition by Daesh fighters in al Bab where no progress has been made so far, and TAF does not carry large combat air missions along with the detention of 2 Turkish soldiers by Daesh to preserve their lives.
Photo of 3 killed ISIS members, who tried to attack FSA and TAF forces.
Rumours that Qabassin was traded against alBab have been dismissed by FSA.
TR Scout planes seen over Jarablus.