How far Russia will go to in #Syria ? An answer that no one thought of it

The former SMC commander of Aleppo is sending a serious message against Russia project to gather all civilians and armed factions in Idlib.

He is also a specialist of the chemical weapons and The Director of the documentation centre for the Syrian Regime Chemical violations

In his post he write 2 points :

  1. What we know and is said openly : Russia aims to pull out the rebels from Aleppo to Idlib Province and the population either ot the regime control or to deport them to Idlib.

  2. What we have not been told : RU’s terrorist occupation intends to gather them in a geographically defined area… and will according to a chemical evaluation…  use a chemical product with no odour, no taste, no colour several times. This product is called خواص التراكميه في العضويهand thus will lead to the elimination of all of you… to a generalized epidemy and human organizations will be called in to help… and Russia will play the innocent.

Therefore I tell you…. this is the plan of invader and occupier… All faction commanders will bear the responsibility for that dirty crime because they did not unite… and raise one flag only “The FSA flag”.

Brigadier General alMajaz Zahir alSaket