#Syria|Aleppo Brief 4

Continuous air attacks and shelling on the besieged town, Assad’s militias and forces took over yesterday morning the old city of Aleppo among them the Umayyad Mosque, and took control of alShaar, alMuwasalat, Sheikh Lutfi, Turab alGharba, alBayada, Karm alJabal, Bab alHadid and Aqyul, and Dahrat Awad, Jurat Awad, and large parts of Bab alNayrab and alMarjo.

Rebels still control : Salah Eddine, Sekkari, alMash-had, Bustan alQasr, Salihin, Ferdous, AlKellase, alMuadi, Bab alMaqam, Karam alDa’da, al Ansari, Zabadiya, Jallum, Tal Zarazir, alAsila, alMaghayer, Sheikh Said, Karam alNazha, alAmiriya and Bab Antakya.

Fights took place at alEzaat and Saif alDawla where the rebels took 4 PoW among them one Iranian Officer, and killed and injured 40 of Assad’s militias; they also destroyed 2 vehicles transporting ammunitions at alMenyan front with 2 TOWs and they also killed and injured others with a TOW.

Rebels targeted the Assad’s militias in Jamiyat alZahra with FIL and Grad missiles, which resulted in the inflicting of casualties, destroying a Gun field 23 inside Zahra artillery with a TOW. They also targeted the Assad’s militias in alRamussa and on  alRajm hilltop with the Grad missiles.

The besieged neighborhoods, towns and villages in the countryside  were bombed by the RU and Regime AC, along with artillery shelling and missile launching, which resulted in 61 civilians killed and over 100 civilians injured.

RU AC targeted the town of Andan and Kafr Karmin with incendiary bombs and sts and cluster bombs.