#Syria|PKK/QASAD Tries to Recruit in Idlib – An investigation by the Idlib Free Police

On 29/11/2016,  Ahmad AlHassan  who is Ismail and Shadia’s son, is born in Bzeit in 1997. He gave up himself to the Idlib Free Police after he came back from the Kurdish areas where he has been affiliated to the SDF. During the investigation he gave some names of those from Idlib Province  in the Kurdish areas. He also denounced the middle man Shadi Shebli who is Ahmad and Fatima’s son from alKastan alTahtani whse job is to recruit  young men for the   the Kurdish units and secure them all the modalities of  until theyreach the Kurdish areas and join the SDF.

Shadi Shebli is under arrest warrant and the authorities are looking for him.


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