#Syria|NC President Calls for Merger of Syria’s Peshmerga Units and the FSA

Abdah Calls for Merger of Syria’s Peshmerga Units and the FSA at Meeting with Syria’s Kurdish National Council

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah said that the Syrian Peshmerga units that are affiliated with Syria’s Kurdish National Council (KNC) “can play a positive role along with the Free Syrian Army in the protection of civilians and the achievement of the goals of the revolution for freedom and dignity.” Syria’s Peshmerga units are “an important factor in the efforts to restore stability in Syria,” Abdah added.

Abdah and an accompanying delegation visited the Syrian Coalition’s foreign mission in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region where they met with head of the Kurdish National Council Ibrahim Birro and officials in the Council in Arbil on Monday.

“We came to Iraq’s Kurdistan Region to meet with President Massoud Barzani and to highlight the deteriorating situation in Syria, the ongoing aggression on civilians in Aleppo, and the latest developments in the region,” Abdah said on Monday. “We and Iraq’s Kurdistan Region are being affected by the same kind of terrorism. We have mutual friends just as we have mutual enemies who are targeting our security. It is imperative, therefore, to coordinate our efforts.”

Abdah emphasized the importance of the return of the Syrian Peshmerga units to Syria, calling for merging these units with the FSA. “The Syrian Kurdish National Council is a key component of the Syrian Coalition. The military units the Council has formed are a national force that can contribute to the liberation of Syria from the Assad regime and its allies as well as terrorist groups.”

Abdah commended Turkey’s support for the FSA’s Shield of the Euphrates Operation in northern Syria. “This support, together with the support provided by the international anti-ISIS coalition, has enabled the FSA to drive out extremist groups from many areas west of the Euphrates River. This is a great victory for the Syrian people.”

Abdah added: “Turkey’s support for the FSA is vital to establish a safe zone in northern Syria and enable refugees to return to their homes.”

Abdah criticized the silence of the international community and the United Nations over the Russian-Iranian onslaught on Aleppo. “There may be a vacuum because of the political transition in Washington, but that should not be an excuse for silence over the war crimes taking place in Aleppo and the targeting of civilians, hospitals and civil defense centers.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office + Agencies)