#Syria|Aleppo|IRGC OR is near al Sfeira in the SE of Aleppo Rif

The iranian opposition National committee said that the IRGC has set an operation room nearby Aleppo to back the Assad’s forces.

The committee added in its statement that the OR siege is inside the Buhuth Barracks at the outskirts of Sfeira in the SE of Aleppo rif, and the Iranians have labeled it “Sayyedat Ruqaya military barrack”, under the IRGC Brigadier General Sayed Jawad Ghafari supervision.

The Statement also mentioned the Research (AlBuhuth داخل معسكر البحوث في محيط مدينة السفيرة جنوب شرق حلب) is one of the important outlet that make the chemical products and the missiles…