#Syria|Aleppo brief 3

3 car bombs explosion on the Assad’s militias positions in Jamiyat alZahra in West Aleppo. .. And rebels recaptured points in Saif alDawla and Salah Eddine neighborhoods inside the besieged Aleppo.

Rebels targeted the Assad’s militias and forces compounds in Jamiyat alZahra front at the west of Aleppo with 3 remote carb bombs, followed with fights in trying to ease the pressure on the rebels inside the besieged town.

Activists said that rebels blasted 3 remotely controlled vehicles against several Assad’s militias and forces inside the Jamiyat alZahra neighborhoods in the west of Aleppo, accompanied with fights, which resulted in the killing and injuring  of dozens of them. Yesterday Fath Aleppo commander promessed the Assad’s loyalist militias of surprises that will tip the scales, according to his recorded message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGk1deDB6-k

This comes along with the increase of the fights between the rebels and the Assad’s militias inside the besieged neighborhoods, amid the latter  in alShaar, while they regained the areas captured yesterday by the rebels, in the light of ongoing clashes on several fronts and heavy artillery shelling on all the besieged neighborhoods.

Rebels also targeted at dawn with 40 Grad missiles the Nubl and Zahra, killing and injuring no less than 20 people.

Rebels launched a counter attack in Salah Eddine and Sayf alDawla and recaptured the areas earlier taken over by the Iraqis militias and Assad’s forces with the help of the RU AF bombardments. The counter attack focused on the Market area and School compound, forcing the Assad’s militias to withdraw after inflicting them important losses.

The RU AF targeted the Buwabiya in the southern rif with thermobaric bombs, which resulted in the killing of 3 civilians and the injuring of civilians among them some are in a critical condition. AC also attacked the Ikarda area with thermobaric missiles and cluster bombs.

Air crafts also targeted with incendiary bombs the Sahhara in the western rif, and on alAtareb, Babis, Abyn, Ajyne, Karj Nuran where civilians were killed and injured, and residential areasa and the shool have been destroyed

N.B. Besides the 3 car bombs attacks and the fights at Jamiyat alZahra which have been confirmed by Fath Aleppo commander, I have no other confirmations concerning the other fights inside the besieged Aleppo which are by source field from newspapers. Nureddine Zanki official spox speaks of intense fights in the areas captured by the rebels, and also of hit and run battles.