#Syria|Aleppo brief 1

Fath Aleppo pounded Assad’s militia barracks of Nubl and Zahra, on Sheikh Yussuf hilltop and the Military Academy.

Fath Aleppo targeted Assad’s militias with a remoted carbomb in Jamiyat alZahra.

JAF in Idlib pounds for the 2nd consecutive day Foa and Kefraya within the campaign Anger for Aleppo.

Fights between Rebels and Assad’s militias inside the besieged town of Aleppo in alMyassar, Karm alTahan, Halwaniya and Jazmati, along with air raids on the confrontation lines.

RU AF air raids on Kafr Nuran and Bawabiya : 7 civlians killed.

Regime artillery shelling on alFardous neighborhood.