#Syria|Aleppo battle| Rebels on the offensive – Orient News reportage

Rebels have launched a unexpeted attack on the Assad’s militais and captured large areas earlier taken over by the Assad’s militias with the help of RU AF. These are alMyassar, AlQaterji and Karm al Tahan. They inflicted the latter dozens casualties and losses in military equipment. The Myassar is strategically important because it is situated nearby alShaar and the Citadel.

White Helmets documented 24 civilians killed and no less than 80 injured as the result of regime air attacks and shelling on the eastern neighborhoods. They added that the death toll is temporary because they could not reach the areas that have been targeted.

Rebels commanders rejected Lavrov’s proposal to leave the Eastern part of the town, confirming they will not hand over the town to the Assad’s militias whatever..

Claims by the regime that it controls 60% of the E. Aleppo are denied by the facts on the ground where it is facing a strong resistance which hindering its progress and force it to depend on the RU AF which does not leave the airspace.