#Syria| Idlib and Aleppo Universities disagree on the Council for High Education

Ongoing disagreement between the Idlib and Aleppo negotiation teams to form a Council for High Education inside the liberated areas in Syria. On December 3, Idlib negotiation team member, Reda alDrei’i, suggested to form a council that includes all the university active in the liberated areas.

Idlib University demands an Independent Council for High Education. Drei’i told Enab Baladi that the Ministry of High Education in the transitional government which is running the University of Aleppo, wants an affiliated Commission, i.e to the NC. He said that Idlib University demands a political and military independent Commission which looks after the educational issues and is not under anyone umbrella.

The transitional government/NC views a Council formed with University, ministries, education organizations, students and others’  representatives.

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