Federica Mogherini’s remarks at the panel on the future of #Syria

HRVP Mogherini: First of all, the European Union is not a military player on the ground. This is also maybe why this ticket, EU-UN, works so well. Because indeed, we might lack the military leverage, where the conflict is the hot one. But, for the European Union for sure, we are the humanitarian player, through UN agencies, through international NGOs, the European Union and Member States are the ones that are behind all aid delivered in Syria and around Syria – €9 billion invested so far in this. So whenever I am asked what are you doing on Aleppo, or on humanitarian, well, you should ask who else is doing? Because all the things that are moving in and around Syria on humanitarian level, are out of our work. So where are the others? That is my question. But, and we will continue, because it is our interest and it is also a must for us.
While [US President-elect Donald] Trump might reflect on brutal realism, the European Union is based on principled pragmatism. We refer to that in our Global Strategy. There are differences, there might be also some points in common, but for us principles and also a certain degree of pragmatism is what guides us in the region as well.
So humanitarian aid is the emergency, is the immediate and is a long-standing work that the European Union is doing and will continue to do. But with Staffan in this year, we have worked on the diplomatic and political track enormously. Let me say that I believe it is exactly the deal that we have done on the nuclear programme in Iran that has allowed that window of consensus in the Security Council for the first time since the war started and the ceasefire, the cessation of hostilities, in February. Because after the Iran deal in July, in September in the UN General Assembly, we managed to put together a framework, for the first time having all regional powers and international powers around the table to try to sort the political solution out.
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