European Union Warns Assad From ‘Losing Peace’

Beirut- While Syrian opposition factions insist on staying in Aleppo, the European Union and the U.N. sent a direct and harsh message on Saturday to head of the Syrian regime Bashar Assad – warning him from a “terrible battle” and from “losing peace” in case he insists on a military solution in the city.

Worldwide forces believe that the main target of the military escalation launched by Russia and the Syrian regime in Aleppo was to impose the conditions of Moscow and Damascus in any future negotiations to politically solve the Syrian crisis that started in 2011.

While Turkey and Germany reiterated their insistence that the departure of Assad would be the “entry” to any solution in Syria, a surprising report was published by Britain’s The Times newspaper saying that the European Union had suggested during a meeting – held two weeks ago – with opposition leaders to offer financial aid to all parties in Syria, including the regime, as part of a political solution to the crisis.

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