#Syria|Aleppo| Zanki-Nusra and Abu Amara Attack 2 more Factions: Sham Legion and Jaish al Islam

Zanki, Abu Amara and Zanki have attaked two Islamic factions Sham Legion and Jaish alIslam in the besieged Aleppo.

The 3 musketeers attacked Jaish al Islam office in the besieged Aleppo and abducted the commander Suhayb Sande. They  attacked the Division 10 affiliated to Jaish al Islam, arrested the commander “Suhaib” and looted their arm depots.

Sham Legion spox in a thread of tweets tell that Sham Legion office was attacked  after the battle in the Youth residential compound (Sakan al Shababi) by Abu Amara, JFS and Zanki. He confirmed the attack against Jaish al Islam an Sham Legion commander Abu Abdu al Ashra was arrested and the arm, food and fuel depots were looted, and the mujaheddin were beaten.  They called upon Zanki commander Abu Bashir Maara who is looking into the case.